IT Services from Basel

Backup Solutions

Having a functional backup is often underestimated. When did you last check, if your backup is ready to recover a deleted or edited file?

Often, we get asked, isn’t our solution with some tape or hard drive not sufficient enough?

When we take a closer look, we see only one tape or disk, standing right beside the server it backups. If this one gets lost or breaks, all data is gone. Modern cyberattacks target to encrypt all files. A single disk solution doesn’t protect against such attacks.

Our solution:

We consult you on the topic to implement a cost efficient and well running backup solution to protect your data. We use technologies you can use, monitor and handle yourself.

Additionally, we offer backup storage at our location. Often the question about data protection rises, when data is being uploaded to the cloud. Is it legal for your company to export data to a foreign country? To avoid such legal questions, we offer you to backup your data directly to our data storage located in Basel. If you choose our solution, we will monitor your backup to ensure it is running and in case data needs to be recovered, it is available.

Most important: in case of emergency we stand by your side and recover your data and services fast and securely, so your business keeps open and running.