IT Services from Basel

Work at home? We prepare you for home office!

Flexible workplace and workhour solutions become more important nowadays. Home office solutions are one such element and we can help you and your team to work from home or abroad as you would in your office.

We provide advice and experience regarding technology, infrastructure and perform implementations as well as support services.

  • No matter where you stay, don’t compromise on your productivity.

Your advantages

  • Remote access to your company data same as sitting in your office
  • Phone conferencing using Skype, Zoom, Teams and other solutions
  • Full functionality with your dedicated work tools (like SAP, Database systems)
  • With Remote Desktop solution you enjoy the same view as in the office
  • Setup a Document Management System to avoid having files only on paper.


Get in touch with us, to prepare for the future digital office.

  • Corona Shutwdown: we find financial solutions to transform your business on the fly, handling all the investments!