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IT Security

We offer comprehensive IT security solutions for your business!

IT security check: Your IT on the test bench

We carry out a risk and security analysis of all of your IT and communication technology. We consider the existing or newly planned infrastructure in a product-neutral and manufacturer-independent manner and determine the IT security level. Together we discuss existing security problems and draw up a roadmap for resolving them.


Topics (among others):

  • Update status of clients, servers, firewall, etc.
  • Cryptosafe backups / archiving
  • Monitoring
  • Auditing

Website check

Receive an independent opinion on the security status of your website or your online shop: We check for security gaps, if the software used is up-to-date and compliance with current security standards.


Topics (among others):

  • Current update status & lifecycle management
  • Correct configuration, protection and monitoring of the server software
  • Use of strong passwords
  • Legal security while respecting data protection and data economy
  • Malware scan


Available for, among others: WordPress, TYPO3 and Shopware

Security Awareness Training: IT security training for your employees

According to a study by Kaspersky, the greatest IT security risk comes from your own employees. Be it through manipulation, carelessness or simply ignorance. In many cases, employees do not receive adequate training.


Practical: We show how easily criminals can steal passwords, take over computers or elicit secrets and teach your employees how to recognize these attempts and how to behave correctly.


Topics (among others):

  • Secure passwords (password manager)
  • Detect phishing and anti-phishing tests
  • Data security


The training can be done online or in-house.

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