IT Services from Basel


As a Partner of well-known Distributors you can profit from our experience. Our promise: We always evaluate which solution fits best to you and your companies needs. Below you find an extraction ot our partners.



Ontrack is the leading international Provider for Data Recovery.

Data Recovery, when you are in need


Digitec Galaxus is the biggest Online Distributor for technical devices in Switzerland.

We are a certified Digitec Servicepartner

  IWB Logo

IWB - Internet Service Provider and VOIP Services.


Lenovo is the biggest Provider for PC und Notebook Products.

Lenovo Partner

Google is more then a search engine. Google provides on of the biggest Cloud Services. We are Service and Distributionpartner für G Suite Products.



VisioPro is our Parnter for Webhosting and Websolutions.

Together we have a strong partnership and decided to have a CO2 neutral IT infrastructure.

VisioPro - Webhosting and Webservices


Iperius Backup - Backup and recovery for Windows, Hyper-V, ESXi, Database and Exchange servers.