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Everyone knows about the importance of a backup in theory, yet we regularly see deficiencies in the implementation, configuration and monitoring during our inspections in practice.

When companies are asked about the cost of hours of downtime after a data loss, they quickly realise that these costs far exceed the cost of a secure backup solution.

We are often asked, isn't our existing system enough?
Often we see: there is only one tape or one hard disk, which is also located right next to the server. If this is defective or lost, all data is gone. These scenarios are also not protected against new types of attacks such as cryptolockers, which in the worst case encrypt all data in order to extort money. Even protection in the event of fire or water damage is not possible.


Our solution
We advise you on how a cost-effective and efficient backup of your data can look. We rely on techniques that you understand and that can be operated by you. Depending on the solution, we offer in particular

  • Monitoring of the integrity and functionality of the backup by us, reaction in case of problems
  • secure protection in case of physical problems (fire, water and loss of the building) or digital attacks (crypto, ransomware)
  • Data availability either in the cloud or physically in Basel and thus the fastest access and recoverability in the worst case.
  • Togehter we ensure that your backup upholds data protection regulatories (such as GDPR)

We also offer backup storage directly at our data centre or in Basel. Particularly with regard to data protection, etc., the question often arises as to whether the company's documents may be stored in the cloud. Keyword: data export. We therefore offer you data storage here in Basel and if you make a backup to us, also active monitoring that this is both successful and usable. If you wish, this monitoring can also be clearly viewed by you.

 Backup in Switzerland

As a partner of MOUNT10 we also offer you the possibility to store your backup fully automated, encrypted and monitored in Europe's most secure data centre within Switzerland.
Ask us for more details or visit https://www.mount10.ch.

Most important: in case of emergency we stand by your side and recover your data and services fast and securely, so your business keeps open and running.

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