• Procurement, setup, management and maintenance of your server infrastructure
  • Regular testing and patching of the systems to avoid vulnerabilities and security gaps - outside of your operating hours
  • Ongoing monitoring of the server landscape to prevent failures
  • Proactive monitoring of e.g. availability, hardware and resource utilisation
  • Inhouse solutions, datacenter based and cloud solutions

Are you looking for a service provider to commission new servers or to actively manage existing servers? Then you have come to the right place, because HEJUBA offers you competent services in the areas of server management, security and administration. With us you receive the entire range of services, from the installation of your servers to security checks and the ongoing management of all systems.



The failure of servers or their limited availability can lead to parts or even the entire productivity in your company coming to a standstill. It is therefore most important that you have a competent partner at your side whom you can rely on. We check your servers at all times for functionality, utilisation and possible faults, so that we can react quickly in an emergency. Thanks to our proactive monitoring, bottlenecks are already detected and eliminated before restrictions occur. The continuous monitoring of the capacity utilisation enables us to select the most suitable performance of new components during the renewal process.


We offer you solutions tailored to your company so that you can focus entirely on your core business. At the same time, we guarantee a high degree of transparency, which gives you full control and planning security in terms of costs.

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