One password for everything

Passwords are the keys to today's digital world. Optimal security is only ensured if a separate complex password is used for each application or login.  At the same time, however, it is often necessary in companies for several people to share access, and for security reasons these are secured with a two-factor or multi-factor authentication (token, app, SMS). Modern authentication methods, such as push login notifcations, often create logistic and regulatory issues.


Problems & risks: 

- Very few people can remember more than 15 complex passwords.

- Shared passwords are passed on via email, notes or verbally

- No history of passwords

- Shared passwords are rarely changed

- Passwords are too simple

- The same password is used for countless applications

- Lack of control, who accesses which system


We say:

Put an end to it and a plus in security with the open source password manager Bitwarden.


Your advantages:

  • All your passwords centrally stored and secured in an encrypted digital safe
  • Only 1 master password for each user, shared and also private areas
  • Access via Windows, Linux, Apple as well as via iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Mutations immediately visible for all team members incl. history
  • Browser integration for automatic filling, or also as a standalone application
  • Integrated password generator means you always have a secure password at hand 
  • Small price
  • 2-factor support
  • Data on request in Switzerland or on own server
  • Convenience through additional functions
  • Export/Import function
  • We implement your desired solution 


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