About us

Founded in 2012 by the partners Christian Hensel and David Jutzi following many joint projects, the HEJUBA GmbH is a partner for IT services and solutions. Our goal is to find and implement optimized solutions for our customers. Our ambition is the focus to our customers demands, the simplicity and robustness of our solutions. We develop the solutions based on your business. The quality of our products is based upon the vital connection of nowadays IT solutions and the understanding, what makes your business tick.

Our commitment

Social commitment

Our social commitment bases upon one percent of our annually sales. With these charitable donations we take on social responsibility.


The recipients include:

  • Rega Switzerland
  • e9 jugend + kultur, www.e-9.ch
  • Doctors without borders
  • Tierheim Beider Basel


Our staff

Our staff is entitled to bonification directly of the company earnings starting the third year of employment. Because if one is ready to burden responsibility, one should profit alongside.



Our hosting partner and sister company, VisioPro GmbH (www.visiopro.eu) has dedicated itself to cover all energy for the server infrastructure with renewable clean energy.

Our History


  • Central client management developed and rolled out







  • Own Monitoring Infrastructure
  • Idea and Development of www.wisido.com 
  • Social Comitment: Tierheim beider Basel, REGA, Ärzte ohne Grenzen



  • Office Connection with 1Gbit synchron

  • Development VOIP Solution, Webphone for one of our customer

  • Start Mybooking for Hotels und Appartements



  • Move to bigger Office



  • first employees
  • initial setup of Backupstorage for customers (25TB)



  • First Office



  • Founding of GmbH in Basel

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