Mobile Device Management

  • Independent advice and procurement
  • Administration and support in case of problems by our staff
  • Transparent cost structure
  • Control and backup of your mobile fleet, both iOS and Android based

More and more mobile devices are being used in companies today, the topic of mobile device management (MDM) should also be given a corresponding amount of attention. This is the only way to ensure that, for example, crucial employees remain reachable at all times and that employees have access to company data and applications already after onboarding. 


However, the topic of mobile device management concerns more than just the acquisition and administration of mobile phones used for work. Rather, such a system also includes access to internal company data or software applications, regardless of where one is at the time. A critical point is often the use of private mobile phones (Bring Your own Device, ByoD) and the compatibility with data protection. There is often a mix-up of private and business data here. We will help you here on the one hand with well-founded advice and on the other hand with solid implementation.


It is important that you have a professional partner at your side so that they can determine exactly what the best and most secure solutions are for your company.


HEJUBA is your IT service provider from Basel with years of experience and exactly the right partner at your side.


Localization and Remote Wiping

Protection in case of loss and theft


Encryption of storage


Remote installation in the background

Setup & Configuration

Setup and configuration remotely

Android & iOS

Compatible with Android and iOS

Access management

Control who gets access


Control the app stores

Content management

Monitor and control of data

Security Policy

Security for networks and more

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