IT Procurement

  • Professional and needs-based procurement of hardware and software 
  • Systems tailored to your needs
  • Transparent and competent procurement processes
  • Manufacturer-independent and selection according to optimal price/performance ratio
  • Lifecycle Management

Outdated hardware or even hardware failures can slow down the efficiency of your employees, the same applies to outdated software for which, for example, updates are no longer provided.


In this case, it is time to procure up-to-date replacements as quickly as possible. 

However, this process can turn out to be not so easy. Which hardware is the right one for my requirements? Which new software or which new version should be used?

Without professional advice, it can quickly happen that you miscalculate the expenditure or that unsuitable devices or applications are procured.


HEJUBA, your IT service provider from Basel, helps you to find the right equipment at fair prices. No matter whether it is the first purchase or an older equipment is to be replaced. We can cover services holistically, from the determination of requirements to procurement, implementation and subsequent support. Of course, all this is done in consultation with you and within your IT budget.

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