• Continuous and automated check of your programmes and hardware for available updates and patches
  • Checking the software for vulnerabilities and installing specific patch updates
  • Regular installation of updates to ensure high security standards
  • We get rid of the manual tasks for you

We keep an eye on the status of your systems and ensure that they are always up to date in terms of IT security. Our update and monitoring service covers all security-critical elements within your IT environment. In this way, we ensure that only the latest versions are used in your company, taking into account the latest security precautions. 


Often companies work with outdated versions without paying much attention to this issue. Only when something happens is action taken, but then it is often already too late. Critical data can fall into the wrong hands and great damage can result. Don't give cyber attacks a chance and ensure secure IT in your company right from the start. With the HEJUBA Update Service, your IT systems run at the highest security level throughout.

Our update management is:

  • time-critical
  • automated
  • centralised
  • monitored

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