Software development

  • Conception and programming of individual software applications
  • Implementation of the software solution and its further development
  • Training and support
  • Requirements analysis and implementation of automation solutions
  • Support and creation of interfaces between applications and systems

When existing standard software solutions reach their limits or specific work processes need to be mapped, then custom software development comes into play.


Especially in knowledge-driven enterprises and in research and science, these often represent a competitive advantage.

But the development of interfaces can also be an important point so that a reliable and fast data exchange can take place between different applications. Automated data matching prevents errors and avoids double entries and work.

The use of an API can be essential in some situations. We support you in this and find an individual solution that suits you.


Individual developments can increase the efficiency of your processes enormously. 

In addition, they can be adapted to the running processes or developed accordingly in case of changes. 

Convince yourself of our capabilities in the development of individual software solutions, interfaces, APIs etc.

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