Cloud Security

  • Central cloud security solution for all company services
  • Lower and predictable cost structure
  • Maximum protection for all cloud services used

The field of cybersecurity is not without reason a strongly growing market. Cyberattacks are constantly on the rise and are also becoming more and more professional. It is therefore all the more important that your network meets the highest possible security standards. 


Prior to cloud solutions mistakes of sharing files may have lead to spreading sensitive information to the entire staff. With cloud services it could mean you grant access to the entire world - everyone with internet access. The availablity and accessability of cloud services are an enormous benefit for your business, however these advantages also count for any attacker. Thus you need to focus on security even more when using cloud services. We assist you, to ensure data protection and data security easily and cost efficient. Consider topics like backup and access permissions as even ore important than on traditional systems.


Therefore, it is more than advisable for companies to give the topic of cloud firewalls a high priority. To find the optimal and most secure solution for your needs, you can fully rely on HEJUBA. We have years of experience in the field of cybersecurity and therefore know what is important.

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