• Everything from a single source - complete support for your PC infrastructure - from procurement to maintenance (Lifecycle)
  • Availability - proactive monitoring to avoid failures
  • Fast elimination of errors and problems 
  • Safety First - preventive measures against viruses and Trojans
  • Convenient - central client management, monitoring, central software installation and patching
  • Client Lifecycle Management

The management of IT workplaces takes on an important status within a company. It must be ensured at all times all employees have access to the work areas that are important to them and that IT supports work efficiency - not blocks it.  In other words, a functioning and well-coordinated client management ensures that your employees can go about their work, increases efficiency and ensures that downtime is kept to a minimum. 


The hardware is the heart of the matter and we ensure that it is suitably procured and of high quality, but nothing works without suitable and functional software.


This must be regularly kept up to date so that failures or other problems cannot occur in the first place and security breaches are prevented. This is the only way to ensure the smooth functionality of your IT system. 

However, it is not only a matter of ensuring that your IT infrastructure functions properly. It is at least as important that the performance is right. This concerns, for example, the speed of your desktop PCs, but also the performance of the network and the internet connection.

In addition, the security of your IT systems should always be at a high level, so that the best possible protection against viruses and Trojans is provided. Central client management ensures efficient central installation of software and its automatic patching.


HEJUBA is your external IT department where you receive all important IT services from a single source and at a highly professional level.

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