IT Services from Basel

Scientific Computing

Experience has shown us that IT is becoming increasingly important in research and science. Research problems often include technical challenges that we can help solve. In recent years, we have been able to support our customers increasingly in this area:

  • Audit-proof and traceable storage of large research data
  • Analytical and programmatic solution of research challenges
  • Scanning systems for high-resolution tissue scans so that researchers around the world can diagnose together
  • Database systems, computing clusters
  • Development in Python, R, CFM, Powershell, PHP, C etc.


The protein complex mTORC1 regulates the growth of cells. It is one of the causes of the development of tuberous sclerosis. Stefan Imseng and Asier González Seviné from Aukera are looking for drug candidates to inhibit mTORC1.

We support our winners of the TFNG Prize 2019 Aukera in the automated evaluation of laboratory data and redundant storage in high-performance database systems. We have created an SQL database for archiving and processing the data. Tailored to the needs of Aukera, we have written an analysis software in R that can directly access the database and thus easily analyze the measurement data.

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Neurocomputationale Modellierung von Paranoia

Persecution thoughts are a particularly common and distressing symptom of schizophrenia. The goal of Daniel Hauke's research is to develop objective and reliable tests for clinicians that support early diagnosis and help in choosing the right medication. In this way, one hopes for an individualized and shortened treatment.

Daniel Hauke won our TFNG Prize 2020 for his research on parnoid schizophrenia. We are proud to support Daniel in this area by developing an app for early diagnosis and faster drug discovery. For this, we helped Daniel implementing the analysis in Python.

Geo Energie Suisse

Geo-Energie Suisse is engaged in research into deep geothermal energy for electricity and heat production. The technologies required for this are being investigated in ETH Zurich's Underground Laboratory for Geosciences and Geoenergies Bedretto Lab, among others. We were able to support Geo-Energie Suisse on site in the rock laboratory with setting up the IT infrastructure. We ensured the networking of the analysis computers and measuring devices and provided a solution for storing large amounts of data. We will also support them in 2021 in the secure, reliable and high-performance data transmission of large measurement data from the American desert.